Galaxy Entertainment And Leisure Complex
Located in a picturesque valley at 540 meters above sea level, Galaxy Entertainment And Leisure Complex is remarkable for its unparalleled scale and unrivalled scope of amenities.The complex occupies area of about 50,000 sq. m.

How to get there: the 40 km distance from Sochi can be covered by a high-speed train, by bus or by car on a modern highway.
Address: 12 Achipsinskaya Street, Krasnaya Polyana, Estosadok Village, Sochi City 354392 Russia
Phone: +7 (862) 259 59 09
Gazprom Mountain Resort
Gazprom Mountain Resort is an all-season resort located in Estosadok Village, Adler District of Sochi City. Arguably the best Russian resort, it boasts an impressive infrastructure.
About Krasnaya Polyana
Krasnaya Polyana is a unique resort village with a history as old as the highlands around. Today, it’s a magnet for thousands of visitors. Apart from its picture-postcard mountain landscapes and breathtaking views, the location is favored for snow-filled slopes perfect for skiing and snowboarding, relict forests, crystal clear mountain lakes, invigorating air, and healing mineral springs. The village’s environs offer plenty of amazing natural trails to mountain peaks, waterfalls, lakes, and mineral springs. Picnics on scenic spots scattered along the idyllic shores of alpine rivers, fishing in artificial ponds in the lap of pristine nature, safaris on quad bikes or SUVs — each of them will make your vacations in Krasnaya Polyana unforgettable. Ancient archaeological monuments dating from various ages of the human history (dolmens, tombs, atsanguaras, fortresses, other fascinating structures) illustrate the pages of the past and revive local legends.