Required documents to enter Russia

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Sir/Madam,

FIDE is International Chess Federation recognized by the IOC which unites 195 National Chess Federations.

The World Chess Cup and Women’s World Chess Cup are the most important FIDE official tournaments. In 2021, the above-mentioned tournaments shall be held in Sochi, Russian Federation, from 10 July to 8 August. The Russian Federation Government is rendering its official support to the organization of the said tournaments.

We hereby confirm that all the following citizens is registered and entitled to participate in the abovementioned event and is going to the Russian Federation with the aim of playing in the World Chess Cup 2021 and Women’s World Chess Cup.

FIDE also confirms that foreign participants of the tournaments have been provided with an accommodation for the duration of the tournament in accordance with the tournament regulations.

Best regards,
Arkady Dvorkovich FIDE President