Dress Code Regulations

Dear players

We would like to remind you once again about the dress code regulations approved for the World Cup:
4. 14. 1. The dress code is strictly observed.
4. 14. 1. 1. Dress code for men: neat shirt and formal suit.
4. 14. 1. 2. Dress code for women:
- neat shirt/blouse and formal suit (with slacks or skirt), or
- dress. Please note that according to the rules
4. 14. 1. 3. No players with t-shirts, jeans, shorts, sneakers, baseball caps or inappropriate dress are allowed in the playing venue.

We would also like to inform you of the following clarifications to the dress code, prepared with the consent of the Chief Arbiter:
1. Neat shirts may be long sleeve or short sleeve.
2. Polo shirts are not allowed.
3. Players have the right to play without wearing a jacket, and also to come without a jacket, if the other requirements of the neat shirt dress code, trousers and appropriate shoes are respected.
4. The shirts and blouses are to follow a formal style in colour and appearance, the shirt in its style should be possible to wear with a suit.
5. In case of cold weather, a player may wear a neat cardigan or sweater at the same time with a shirt, provided that the shirt remains visible. A woman player may also wear a neat pullover, provided that such a clothe would be acceptable in a professional office context.
Each violation of the dress code regulations shall be punished with a fine of 5% of the player's prize money, according to the regulations.
The Chief Arbiter has the right to issue a warning at the first violation, taking into account the circumstances. We remind you that a player may be refused access to the playing area in case of gross or repeated violations.